Radio broadcasting has changed ever since its inception. Today we make use of several latest technologies for radio broadcasting that takes us to another world of entertainment. In the olden days, radio broadcasting was done using AM and FM stations. Some of the latest technologies of radio broadcasting are listed in the following article.

Satellite Radio: The first American satellite radio was introduced in the year 2001. Two American satellite radio companies joined hands to offer people a radio program through satellite. Listeners have to pay a subscription fee and pay for the specialized equipment that they provide. Here program is transmitted from the earth to the satellite which is then sent back to the earth. You have to make use of antennas or repeaters to receive the digital signals from the satellite.

HD Radio: In this technology, the radio programs are transmitted through existing AM and FM signals. There are nearly 1700 HD stations which are broadcasting 2432 HD radio channels as of June 2008. It is said that when you make use of this technology your AM would sound like FM and FM would sound like the CD.  HD radio offers FM multicasting where it is possible to broadcast several programs streams by making use of a single FM frequency. The output would be crystal clear and static free.

Internet Radio: It is also called simulated broadcasting or streaming audio. It would sound like a radio, but it is not a radio. It creates an illusion of radio for the listeners. This is done by creating small packets of digital information which contains audio. This is sent to another location which is then reassembled into a continuous stream. You can know how Internet radio works by making use of podcasts.

The above article would be useful for knowing about the latest technology that is being used for radio broadcasting.