The Facts About Plastic vs. China RV Toilets

The Facts About Plastic vs. China RV Toilets

Why do many of us settle for less than the best? Well, certainly there are various classes of RVs with different levels of sophistication and many, many price points. True, the economics of RV travel mandate we find our “niche” when it comes to affordability, but there is one area within the RV most of us take for granted, seemingly unaware that the RVing experience can be enhanced by upgrading, regardless of where on the status ladder we find ourselves. I’m talking about the RV toilet. RV Parks Rockport Texas

Yes, believe it or not, with rare exceptions, the RV toilet has stayed relatively unchanged since way back. Think back to your first encounter with a recreation vehicle, especially the first time you actually used one.

I know in my early RVing experience, after hearing all about how the RV is considered a “home on wheels,” my inquisitive mind began comparing the attributes of my RV with the accouterments found in my home. And they didn’t always jibe. The common RV toilet was one of those components I just couldn’t reconcile as being equitable to the one in my master bathroom. It was plastic, it was unstable, it was small, it was uncomfortable, it never rinsed properly, it required lots of maintenance and it was simply a toilet. At best, it was tolerated.

But today, the picture is quite different. RV toilets have come a long way, baby! In fact, the Magnum Opus RV toilet, developed by Dometic, has come a very long way! Simply put, it looks and feels like a unit found in a very luxurious home. It is constructed of 100% vitreous china – think of it, a real porcelain toilet in an RV! The glossy surface of china is virtually stain-resistant, so no more ugly discoloration of the plastic bowl to behold at each use. The hand-glazed and kiln-fired porcelain surface is extremely resistant to scratches typically acquired during maintenance and cleaning tasks. In fact, the china bowl can be cleaned with any of the harsher abrasives, you know, the ones that really work, without so much as a blemish left on the surface. The exposed finish admirably maintains its luster even after repeated cleanings. These attributes are true with any of the Sealand Brand of china toilets in the Dometic line. Additionally, a newly designed flush rim takes advantage of the incoming water pressure to thoroughly and completely rinse the bowl during each flush.

The good news is that anyone can upgrade the toilet in an RV. What a difference this one, relatively small, an upgrade can make. If you are a serious RVer, you owe it to yourself to strongly consider this doable upgrade.

Yes, but the bolt pattern on my toilet is different and it would be too large a project for me to attempt and I don’t want to pay those high retail bucks for a pro technician to swap it out. I can hear the protests now. The fact is, it’s a relatively simple job to replace your current plastic toilet with any of the vitreous china toilets offered by Dometic.

You are right about the Dometic/Sealand Brand having a different bolt pattern on the majority of their units. It has four bolts compared to only two on other RV toilets! More bolts mean more stability. That’s why a Dometic porcelain toilet feels like it has substance to it. Properly installed, it will not rock or wobble. It will remain sturdy forever. And you can toss out those worries about the bolt pattern being different. A universal mounting kit is available that allows simple conversion from a 2-bolt to a 4-bolt configuration. Anyone with common hand tools and about an hour can easily make the switch.

So don’t settle for second or third best when it comes to your RV toilet. It makes a tremendous difference in looks feel, and operation; three of my most important categories. It’s the upgrade that anyone can perform and those who do, wish they would have it sooner.

Remember, RVing is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!

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